Synttärivietto kuvia maanantailta. Bea's of Bloomsbury oli kiinni, joten vaihdoimme cupcakit pannareihin My Old Dutchissa. Pannareiden jälkeen vielä leffaan. Oli oikein mukavaa, kiitos leideille ;)

birthday present from lush

birthday girl @ My Old Dutch
my berry compote pancake

tired but happy, on my way home from the cinema. 

Monday was quite action packed. It was my birthday but also my first day in class, after my week of illness. Monday morning started off with a hurry to cognitive class but the evening was reserved for bday celebrations. We initially had planned to go to Bea's of bloomsbury for cupcakes but it was closed so went for pancakes to My Old Dutch (on king's road as well) instead. After pancakes it was movie, ruby sparks at vue in Angel. What a cosy evening it was :)

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